Thursday, November 29, 2007

Support Java Plug-in on 64-bit AMD and Intel

I was tring to see, surfing with firefox, if there was snow on the mountain, I like the snow and love snowboarding!!
Well I discovered that I couldn't see anything because the java plugin wasn't installed into firefox.
Oh, so easy? Well... When I upgraded my Linux to Gutsy I though to update everything to the correct configuration, I have a wonderful (?) AMD64. In other words, I change the binary from i386 to AMD64.

So everything need to be compiled to work on a 64 bit processor. Until now I had some problem, but nothing too difficult. It seems every program was compiled for AMD64 too. Until now.

I discovered with big surprise that there is no support for the java plugin on a AMD64 platform. It is really incredible. In the forllowing lines I collect some of the most interesting link about this problem and, sometime, the probably solution.

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